To the good times a garden brings

Feeling ever so slightly flat after weeks of planning an engagement party that was celebrated last weekend, I went into the backyard to find it blazing with various shades of pink, purple and green and decked out with swelling fruit. From apples, eggplant and black sapote to strawberries, pears, quinces and zucchini – there are some good times ahead as well. The flowers aren’t looking too shabby either – with the Solanum wendlandii taking over the pergola and salvia Wendy’s Wish dripping with cerise bells. The bees have been busy in the garden too, with Verbena bonariensis and other bee magnets out in full force. All good!

Clockwise from the top: Quinces, salvia Wendy’s Wish, Solanum wendlandii and a little bobble head of Verbena bonariensis